Saturday, March 16, 2013

Teen Years} Groups

I kind of talked to you about this subject before. And I'm telling you its a hard one to deal with. I know it was very hard for me to get over the fact that their are little groups here and there. I always use to wish to be part of that cool crowd, but I had to think hat kind of person would that turn me into? I want you to ask that qustion to yourself. If I had followed that crowd I would have become just like them, mean, selfish, and snotty. But their are some popular groups that trow out the outcast and keep the really cool looking ones, so that group can have a good reputation at school. The people how are popular dont think of them selfs as being popular. Those people try to cover themselfs up so guys will like them. Girls are just that way they work so hard to be their best so people would ecept them.


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