Saturday, March 16, 2013

Teen Years} Groups

I kind of talked to you about this subject before. And I'm telling you its a hard one to deal with. I know it was very hard for me to get over the fact that their are little groups here and there. I always use to wish to be part of that cool crowd, but I had to think hat kind of person would that turn me into? I want you to ask that qustion to yourself. If I had followed that crowd I would have become just like them, mean, selfish, and snotty. But their are some popular groups that trow out the outcast and keep the really cool looking ones, so that group can have a good reputation at school. The people how are popular dont think of them selfs as being popular. Those people try to cover themselfs up so guys will like them. Girls are just that way they work so hard to be their best so people would ecept them.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Teen Years} Clothing

Every girl dreams of the perfect outfits to wear. I have that same feeling!!! It feels like you have to be in style or you wont have any friends, and that's what the world wants you to think. All these adds make you feel like you have to buy something to feel good about yourself. Don't buy that stuff to feel good about yourself, seek the lord for advise. Its still OK and a good thing to dress nice but its just the showy things that are not so great. Here are some modest outfits below.

 ________________HOW DO YOU SHOW PEOPLE YOU LOVE GOD WITH YOUR CLOTHING?_____________________________

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just Some Photos I Toke One Day

Here are just a few picture I toke one day( I was really bored this day).

Of course I had to edit this one!!!
This picture is my Moms favorite.

The ball would not stop rolling away

Hope You Loved Them!!!!:)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Who Are You?

Every girl has that question,"Who am I?" Do you want to be a sporty girl, a girly girl, or even a nerdy girl. I question my self sometimes to with that same question. God painted you to be someone, you just need to try different things till you find you true calling. Pray to God and ask him that very question.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Teen Years} Appearance

I know how hard it can be to survive, "The Teen Years". This year, every Saturday I will be posting a new thing called,"The Teen Years". After each post I do, I will write a question that you have to answer on your own blog or on my comments. Today we will talk about appearance. Girls have a major problem when it comes to their appearance. All girls just try and get that one look that everyone else has in school. I know some times I try to hard on my appearance. Every girl wants to have that feeling that they look very beautiful. I just want you to know you don't have to follow all the new trends, be yourself, and standout. Every girl is beautiful because they were made or the creation of God him self.

How dose it make you feel that you are made by God?



Friday, March 1, 2013

The Perfect Picture

Do you love all those really and I mean really pretty pictures people take? Well I am here to help you learn to get that image.
First you need to know what you want, well really what you want to take a picture of. Everyone has their own image, what they want to contrast their picture. I like getting pictures in the middle of nowhere. Here is a picture below of what I'm talking about.

You see how you cant tell where I'm taking this? That means its in the middle of nowhere. When you take a picture you don't want your shadow in it(that's the number one rule with photography). You always want the objects shadow, like in the picture above. Some times you just want to capture the sun in your pictures like the one below

You see how her hands look as if they are holding the sun? That's what I mean when I say,"capture the sun". You want to make it the main thing. So you would try and have it in the center. In other cases you want the sun coming through the side of something like the picture below.

The sun is coming through the trees in this picture. Sometimes when you are taking a picture in doors, you want the back ground to be faded so you can see the object more. If you want that image then focus the camera a little bit more till its perfect like the picture below.

Five Minute Friday} Ordinary

When I think of the word "ordinary" the first word that comes to mind is, normal. Everyone thinks normal is, how you act in middle school. All that crazy stuff that goes on in middle school is considered normal, or as you might say ordinary. Normal is just anther word for ordinary. Have you ever had someone ever call you weird or not considered normal? Well I have, and it hurts you then feel not ordinary, as if you do not belong. Or do you just feel like your not normal? You feel like a outcast, everyone has at least some point in their life have felt that about them self's. I have felt like a not ordinary person, or a "weirdo" as they might say. People should never think of them self's as weird or ordinary, you should think of your self as unique. Everyone is more then what they think they are, and you are unique.